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Being a dog lover my whole life I decided that working with dogs was the career path that i wanted to take but how? In 2012 an opportunity to study dog training at Animal Behavior College arose where I worked hands on along side an amazing mentor and volunteered with various shelters in the state of Washington. As soon as my family settled here in Tracy CA, in 2014, I set up my business "Dog training with Alysia". In 2016 I was offered a job dog training at PetSmart here in Tracy and spent the next two and a half years getting to know and help a lot of wonderful people in this community. In 2019 I decided that it was time to fly the coop and go solo and now I am back as Leasha Dog Training and ready to offer the people and pets of Tracy California an advanced and positive approach to dog training! 

Leasha Dog Training is a fully certified business, and I have taken the time to go beyond my studies at ABC and research many different techniques and tools for training your dog effectively. I believe that each approach to dog training should be individualized to you and your dogs needs to help give you the greatest outcome.

Leasha Dog Training believes that owning a pet is an amazing and rewarding experience, but is also a big responsibility. Training your pet properly will lead you to a greater understanding of your pet, and I firmly believe in the foundation of a great owner-pet relationship being one built on a mutual understanding and respect. My goal is to give the pet parent a full understanding of the training process, and with this comprehensive and effective approach, I find that owners end up learning as much, if not more, than their pets. Call to find out more about my unique approach to training.

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